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January 9, 2013
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Zombie!EnglandxReader Just Like Us -Oneshot-

-England P.O.V.-

Cold and lonely.

That how I feel everyday, but I mostly feel empty, completely empty. My eyes gazed at the rest of the other people like me. They lazily walk or more like stagger around. The noise they we making echo at the broken building. We weren't the same as before but the opposite, we were....


Zombies with no love or feelings.

~Le Time Skip~

-Reader P.O.V.-

Zombie hideous creature if I were to say. Roaming around, dead and yelling nonsense everywhere.

"That why we gotta kill them." you complained, as you looked outside the window.

"That's a good idea, yet Ludwig doesn't want us to go outside: Too dangerous." Gilbert, your closest albino friend, tried to mimic Ludwig, his brother. "I could have shoot them with my awesomeness!"

You rolled your eyes as you stared at the window. Zombies were roaming everywhere, yet they didn't even bother to look for food. They just wait till someone to come out and if they were feeling hungry, eat it. Good for them, not for you. You saw them bump to each other and what they would call it, "zombie communication."

"Ya know, I wouldn't have thought they would kinda look like this." Gilbert said, suddenly plopping next to you. " They just look like decaying pale and never have eaten anything. Not as Hollywood put it in their movies."

You kept in mind what Gilbert said, maybe what he said was....right? Some of them are still completely in flesh, even if they gave a stench, they kind of did look like us.

No. No. No.

'What the hell are you thinking,_________?!'  

~Le Time Skip~

-England P.O.V.-

You know how zombies were supposedly were to look like or act as show in T.V  or movies? We weren't exactly like them. We eat, we talk in a way, and we thought. As I walk to the familiar spot I met my friend, I wonder if the other thought the same. Of having the same characteristics of humans.

"Friend...." someone suddenly said in front of me. There was standing was the friend I had when I was still alive. Alf.....something beginning like that.  His dirty blonde hair still had color, and his blue eyes still glimmering with a bit happiness.

I nodded my head and we both sat in a bench. It seems after we turn to these type of species, we forgot our own name or how to talk completely. Yet, its strange, that how I know how to think to myself so well, as if I were talking. I'm one bloody smart zombie gentleman if I were to say. Wearily tried to smile, but it didn't work.

"Eyebrows....bushy" A disturb me from my thoughts.

"Idiot!" I growled as slam my hands in my forehead as I saw him grimly tried to laugh yet no sound came out.

As we continue to do nothing, we suddenly heard a commotion down the hall.


I heard a sudden noise of many gunshots and weird noises I heard before. Only one way to hear those noises.


A seem to notice what was going on and he was the first one to go after the gunshots. I decided to tag along, I suddenly felt hungry. Humans, strange food. They had blood pumping around them and beating hearts. I heard screams and yells of many people as I came closer. I slightly wince as I hear them. I don't like killing them but they are food......
As I came to the battlefield of food, I saw many of my kind eating and tackling them. The humans were all shooting and yelling shaky orders. I look at them, wonder who to pounce on, my guts full of hunger. 'I shouldn't kill them....' I thought, yet I remove it from my mind.

They all look plain, not pleasing my hunger, until she pop up. Her (your h/c) (your h/l) swept up as her clear face show up. I stop at my track. My urge of hunger went away. She was............beautiful. Her gaze turn toward me. She made me feel.......funny.

Ba-dump. ((Lol, lame heart beat.))

Made my heart leap.

-Reader P.O.V. -

"Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!" Ludwig worriedly yet firmly ordered as he pull his trigger from his gun.
Many of us did as possible as we can, but the zombies kept coming. Who would thought going for a bit of food would be dangerous? 'Ludwig was right....'

"________, stop standing there and help, dammit!" Gil yelled as he randomly threw a gun at you.

You stare confuse at the gun, you didn't know how to use one. Yet you went along them and pointed your gun. You close your eyes and started to shoot randomly. That wasn't going to help..... You open your eyes quickly and tried to think.

Who to shoot? Who to shoot? Who to damn shoot?!

You randomly pointed to the zombie standing there like nothing. You were about to shoot yet your mind stop for a moment. The zombie glimmering emerald eyes stared right at you, directly to you. You suddenly froze at the spot, dropping your gun. His blond hair were in a mess and his clothes too. Yet staring to his eyes you felt different too.

"Just like us...." you remember what Gilbert said.

'Just like us...'

To never be continued............

Edit: Asdjks, I wrote weird here, not how I usually write....Also I wonder how many people will actually will look at this story. xDD I guess not many people~~ 070

Hallo everyone~! 8D
This is a request from this lovely gal, :iconxianghua777:, Xiang hope you like it~! Well...she didnt requested that England being a zombie or anything. Lol!
So havent anyone heard about the book/up-coming movie call "Warm Bodies" (?) ((If ya didnt, here a summary: [link] )) It about a zombie falling in love with a human and nhniojashdsij *head bangs on comuter* It to adorablee!! ;7; That how I got the idea. //le shot.

Lol, I really love the movie plot~~!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee~! Im like going to see it when it comes out, It like totally better than twilight. Puuhh-leeasee, it about a zombie with feeling not some vampire. ((Still love you Romania~!)) Trolololo~ //double shot.

Asdjksljf, so I guess why I choose England for the story, apart from it was a request. Well, ya know there's barely picture of Country as zombies, so I troll around people pages, till I came to my lovely artist bud, *SpottyMcMeow's account and she had a picture of England being a zombie~! *7* Aswderfgtyhjegdgdghd, that how I got the preview picture~
Sorry if my grammar is still bad, will try to improve~! 8D
Comment and enjoy~
Picture from above is not mine. It from here -->
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Me! Hahahaha >8V (( Jk~!))
Want to read other Countryxreader?
Go here~ --> [link]
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animefan5228 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014
lol No wonder this story seemed to be familiar.
I'm reading this, and I'm like this is exactly like movie I once saw. lo
It was good
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Part 2!
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I NEED THE PART 2 PLEASE~!!!!!!!!!!!!
i can't just imagine it in my mind D'': PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
AnnaThePolarBear Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
Through the whole story I was wondering if this was kind of based off of Warm Bodies.. Cutest zombie movie I've ever seen. Awesome story by the way~! :)
Stephie-chan559 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ha never to be continued!
alchmistgirl457 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nevermind XD *Just read that it was a oneshot*
Moonylight12 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, it's okay~~ <33
Many people were asking for a part 2~ xD
alchmistgirl457 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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