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September 6, 2012
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SpainxReader Tomato-Flavored Kiss -Oneshot-

"So did you two kiss yet?" your best friend asked curiously one day in school. She flashed her usual grin, pointing out a what you supposed to be an invisible microphone.

It was the middle of lunch time, you two were at your usual spot in the room, eating lunch like always. At that time you were stuffing a sandwich in you mouth before she made, what seems to you, a ridiculous question.

"Afghdsf!" you choked out, patting on your chest to let the food flow in. "W-w-what?!"

(Best Friend's Name) laughed at you reaction and shook her head, while your cheeks went bright red. She started to wipe her tears of joy and look back at you with a grin.

"Don't tell me you haven't kissed?" she asked leaning on your shoulder.

You look away and took another bite of your sandwich. 'We only been dating for 2 weeks do you expect us to kiss?!' you thought, slightly pouting as you saw (bff/n) giggle.

"Aww,what a shame~! Antonio wants one,ya know~?" she singed putting her hand on her cheek.

"W-W-Whatever!!" you exclaimed, your head filled with pictures of Antonio leaning on you for a kiss.

It was true though, you always wonder if he wanted a small, but simple kiss, but he didn't even show he wants one. Besides, you wouldnt have the guts to kiss your boyfriend, Antonio Fernández Carriedo. His curly brown hair, green eyes, lightly tanned skin , made you flutter inside like crazy.

"Well, well, well. Would you look at that~!" (bff/n) exclaimed, disturbed you from your thoughts. "Its Antonio!"

"_______~!" he sang, tackling you with a hug.

"Get away from me,dammit!"

"Aww why,______?" he complaining squeezing you a bit more.

"" you stopped complaining. You let him hug you; it not that you didn't like it either.

"Ahh! Antonio?" (bff/n) asked, grinning like a maniac. "What do you think a first kiss taste like?"

Antonio stopped squeezing you and look at (bff/n). You could tell he was thinking.

"(bff/n)!!!" you exclaimed, blushing a bit more. "Don't ask him that!"

(bff/n) giggled and skip to the roof door. She slightly opened the door and looked back.

"Think about it, Antonio~!"

Before you could say anything more, she left. You sighed as she left, (bff/n) can always make these ridiculous questions. You turn to glance at Antonio; he looked like he was still thinking. Not worrying about it, you tried to finished your lunch.



"How do a first kiss taste like?"

"Afghdsf! Akf..." you once again choked in your food. "Argh...W-what?"

"You know just like (bff/n) said!" he said, sounding a bit eager. "I bet it taste like....Tomatoes!"

You slanted your eye lids and sighed how he was thinking. His love for tomatoes was to hard to explain. But you couldn't help to laugh how weird his statement was.

"How is tha-"

A pair of soft lips stopped you from finnishing. No, not just a pair a soft lips, but Antonio's soft lips on your lips. You slightly jerked back from him but he pulled you back with a hug. The kiss had a hint of a taste of tomatoes. He slowly separated you from him.

"Tomato Kiss~!" he exclaimed as giving his fabulous smile. You look at him, opening you mouth and closing in every few minutes. His smile grew bigger seeing how fluster you were acting.

"Want another one, querida?" he asked slyly.

"Ahfk...lo.." you stuttered blushing bright red.

He laughed and grabed your cheeks and said, "Mi tomatito~!"

~Le Time Skip~

"So, Antonio?" (bff/n) asked one day while you were outside the classroom helping the teacher. "Do you know what a first kiss taste like?"

Antonio smiled and replied," Si~! It taste like... -You enter the room door and made your way to them- like tomatoes~!"

You stopped as you heard what he said and you saw him winking at you. You looked away, sensing that your cheeks went bright red.

'That is how our first kiss taste like.'
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AnimeKitty2014 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014
i never even had my first kiss and I'm 15 I'm hopeless.
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Mine was slightly better than tomatoes. How about hot chocolate kisses XD
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misscheeseycake Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
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misscheeseycake Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
patting your chest to let the food flow in

WHy the hell is she touching mah boobs ? xD
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I LURVE it! The story was just soooo cute!!!
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