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February 12, 2013
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RomanoxReader Be My Valentine? -Oneshot-

-Reader P.O.V -

"Tough luck! This year I'll get more than you are gonna get!"

"Tsk. No, you wont'!"

"They are at it again..." Antonio sighed, trying his best not to facepalm himself.

You glared at Romano, or Lovino, as he did the same. Valentine Day is near, it was normal for you and Roma to compete with each other on Valentine. Collecting all the silly card and gifts many people gave. You always wonder if any of you two actually cared for the gifts. 'Maybe we only care who get's more,' you always thought.
Romano is the type who wouldn't care, as far as you think. His dark brown hair along with his hazel eye glimmers through the lights. His curl happily bounces on the right side of his head, and you having the urge to pull it from curiosity. Antonio was standing next to Romano, trying his best to make Romano not to burst.

"....." Romano mumble quietly, not even sure what he meant what he said, but it made Antonio smile foolishly.


Romano flick your forehead and exclaimed, "I said, idiota."

You pouted, not even sure if he actually said that. Romano briskly walked away, trying to hide his deep red face.

'Romano is strange....'

-Romano P.O.V -

"I love you, ________."

Argh!! What the hell did I say?!

'I love you, _______. I love you, _______. I love you, _______.' my mind laughed, as he tried to make fun of me. I felt Antonio started to smile as he heard what I slip out. ________ made a confuse face, and said, "What?"

A rush of relief and anger drown me as I heard her said that. I had a feeling she didn't hear me. I walked up to her and my hand acting to it's own, flick her in the forehead.

"I said idiota."

My face heated up afterward as I walked awkwardly away. 'Oh why, why, why. Do I have to like her?'

'Maybe someday she will be my valentine....?'

I laughed at my statement,

'She wouldn't.'

~Le Time Skip~

-Reader P.O.V-

"_______, will you be mi-"

"Thanks but no." you replied quickly, taking a red rose the boy was giving you.

'30,' you mentally counted, holding the rose in the air.

"Romano~~!" you heard a girl squeal behind you. "Not in public~!"

You glance behind you seeing Romano kissing the girl's hand. You frown seeing the sight, not even caring the feeling you had in your stomach.

"Player." you said sourly.

Romano looked at you, and smirked.

"You jealous~?" he said, holding the box of chocolate to your face. " You gotta give something in return, no?"

You raised an eyebrow as he walked passed you.


You frown as your heard that. 'He's different than last year....' you thought, going to your next destination. 'Nah. I don't care.'

Walking to your locker, you saw ahead many people waiting there. You couldn't help to smile.

'Beat that, Lovino.'

But as you walk closer, you saw they weren't not waiting for you. There were in a line, waiting for something.

"Kyaaa~! Roma-senpai, never this before!" you heard a girl squealed to her friend.

'What the-' You walked up ahead, following the line which led to a small booth. Romano, glistering with the lights, was flirting with a girl. The feeling in your stomach grew and turn to a knot in your throat.

'That sick bastard.'

~Le Time Skip~

"67. 68. 69. And 70." Antonio happily and tiredly counted the gifts. "It's a tie."

"What?!" you both exclaimed, Antonio covering his ears.

School was over, and the card, roses, candy, and sweet were all counted.

"Count over again!" Romano yelled to Antonio. Antonio shook his head no.

You picked up some of the gift they given to you. "You probably counted wrong, Ant-"

The soft snore of the Spaniard fill the room, as you and Lovino stared at him is disbelief. You plopped down a chair, still having the knot in your throat from earlier, as Romano looked at a card. The room was silent for a while.

"Romano." you said breaking the silence. "Why you.....did that."

"Did what?"

"Flirt with those snobs!" you exclaimed, feeling a bit embarrassed.

Romano looked at you confuse, then a grin fill his face.

"So you are jealous."

"Am not!" you growled, lying a bit. "It just not right."

The silence filled the room again, Antonio snores quietly.

"________, you won."


Before you can say anything else, Romano kissed you, fast yet sweet. You faced flushed with red, heating up as for him too.
He broke the kiss and kneel down next to you, face facing the floor.

"________, will you be my valentine?"

The word pierce an arrow to you, a love arrow. Your face turn redder than before.


Romano looked up, his face was more red than yours. You giggled and Romano shyly smiled.

"Amor en el aire~!" you heard Antonio exclaimed happily.

"Now you wake up?!"

Argh!! >A< Writing fanfic is very rare for me to do now!! //smacks head on table. I dont wanna lose this skill. ;-;
Anyways, this is a request foorr, :icongiro-natsu-4ever: Hope you like it~~!!
Well technically, I want everyone to enjoy this~~ <33
Yeah Valentine is like near, why not spread stupid lovely stories about it~~ xDD I will, not totally promise but try to, to be active with my stories. So far my stories I made that need to have made a 2nd part are like in wait for now. //shot. Sorry. Yes, Im terrible.
But lately school is my main thought for now. ;-; FCAT is like coming for me in the next 2 months. I have to study! ((School obviously hate me, cause they decided to put it on my birthday. Best gift ever. 8I ))
Sorry for my bad grammar, I'll try to improve~~
Happy Valentine Day~~! <33
Comment, Fave, and enjoy~!
Picture from above is not mine. It from here -->
Hetalia (c) Himaruya-sensei
You (c) Me! Hahahaha >8V (( Jk~!))
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Hermana, you are not losing the skill, not even a bit, the same happened to me some days ago, i thought truly scared "Oh dear goodness it-it can't be possible, Am i losing my skill on drawing?! Then I realized that skills are something you where born with, there's no way of losing it, you just have forgotten something and got unaccustomed at it is just time's matter!!!

You are great as always hermana, realmente no puedo esperar por leer mas de tus obras maestras, yo tengo un buen ojo y te digo en serio, si sigues asi puedes llegar a ser una gran escritora, obviamente yo adquirire todos y cada uno de tus libros, te adoro!
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Godd, it just that it been a long time since I wrote so it was like weird writing stories~ >^< You right though~~

Awww thank you~~ :iconbrohugplz: Dont worry i will write more soon~~! <33 Askodsoaokdoksloslds, you always make me want to write more hermana!! <33
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