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November 8, 2012
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PrussiaxReader Kisses -Oneshot-

You unwrapped the chocolate bar and took a small nimble. It was a normal Saturday afternoon, kids playing in the park while adults talk among each other. You ,eating a chocolate bar in your porch, yawn with sleepiness and frown of boredom. With another small bite from your chocolate, you heard the front gate open. You peek to see who it was. It was nothing, just the sexy, awesome, your childhood crush, Gilbert Beilschmidt. He cheerfully skipped toward you.

"_______ do you want a kiss~?" he asked having a devilish smile.

Hearing those words, your face turn red. You playfully punch him.

"Heck no." you lied, knowing deeply inside you wanted to kiss him. "Like I'll kiss you."

Pink still tinted in your cheeks, you glance at Gilbert. He had his hand between his face and looked like he was shaking. 'Is he crying?' you thought. You placed your hand on his silver hair.


"Bwahahahaha!!" He burst out laughing. "Ahahahaha!!"

You stared at him like he was some psycho.

"W-w-why would you t-think of that?!" he hollered,clenching his stomach for laughing to much. "I w-was just asking you if you wanted the chocolate "Kisses." "

He showed you a small bag of the chocolate brand "Kisses." Your face flushed with embarrassment. How could your forgot about that chocolate? Gilbert was still laughing, as you glared at him. Clenching your fists together, you again punch him.

"Shut up!"

"H-hey! I was just joking~!" he said, giving you a tight hug.

You tried to push him away,but he hold on tight. 'This guy...'

"Anyways, I think eating a lot of chocolate will make you stomach a bit wider...?" he said, pinching your stomach.

If you were holding a pencil at that moment, you would have already broke it. Your face raised in temperature.

"What did you say?" you growled. "I couldn't hear that right...."

Gilbert sensing he made you angry, quickly got up and made his way to the gate of your house. With a wink,he replied,

"Don't eat chocolate if you want to be healthy~!"

"Gilbert Beilschmidt get your butt over here!!"  

~Le Time Skip~

All day, you looked at yourself in the mirror. Wearing shirts here, and skirts and pants there.

"Argh. Why do I care so much what he said?!" you cried, throwing a shirt on your bed.

You touch your belly,and frown. You glanced at the mirror again, and tried to smile. You were average sized, and you couldn't stop eating chocolate because you absolutely love it. That gain your confidence.

"Yeah!" you said, smiling. "I don't care what he said!"

"Ksesesese~! Aww that mean~!"

Gilbert was laying down on your bed, lifting a small shirt in the air.

"Ashjfrk!" you exclaimed. "How did you get here?!"

"Window." he said, pointing at the window. "It was open."

The window was carelessly open, you frown at it. 'Remember to close the window next time....'  Gilbert grin and went to give you another hug.

"Are you still mad what I said earlier?"

"Fat chance." you said, squirming away from him. Gilbert slightly laughed again. He grabbed your chin and held it closer to his face.

"__________, do you want a kiss?"

You immediately thought of chocolate.

"Yesh! Yesh!" you said,finding it hard to say anything with he holding your neck high.

Gilbert's smile turn to a smirk. He kissed your lips softly. It tasted like chocolate.

"Your kiss~!"

You face was beet red when he looked at you. You saw him slightly shake trying not to laugh. Face still turning red, you glared at him.

"What was that for?!"

He nodded his head, lying he wasn't laughing at you. He put an arm around your waist and brought you closer to him.

"You are so adorable~!"
Hallo~ 8D
Wow, it been a while since I did a PrussiaxReader~ ((6 months exact! ;A; ))
Ahahahaha, how can I forget about le awesome Prussia in 6 months...I know Im terrible~ xD
Anyways, I got the idea because I was remembering my old days in elementary. My gifted teacher one day ask us if we wanted kisses. xD
You shouldn't have seen our faces when she told us that. Lol~ We still got the chocolate! o3o
That day was such a good day. 8D
Derp, I wanna to submit this yesterday but I start late and I tried in the morning but I needed to go to school... ;3;
Well it got submitted today! Yay~ e3e
Comment and enjoy~
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Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) You
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