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November 6, 2012
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Outgoing!S.ItalyxCrossdressing!Reader Cute  -Oneshot- ((<--The title was a bit long.))

"You so cute!"

"Won't you date me?"

"You so funny!"

You shyly smiled at the peppy girls around you, all batting their eyelids, and playing with their hair. One of your hand steadily held the short (h/c) wig, while the other hand held tightly on the left side of your shirt. You were deeply frighten. As the sweat drops fell through your forehead, you mentally slapped yourself for doing something stupid.

'What did I do?!'

~Le Memory Flash~

"Stupid brother!" you yelled, slamming the door.

You heard your twin brother snicker behind the door. You clench your arms in frustration, not only has your brother embarrass you in front of his classmates but at your long time crush, Romano Vargas. You dragged yourself to your bed, dropping yourself into the warmth of the fluffy covers. You let out a big, but quiet scream.
'Why do I even have a stupid brother, who knows I like his best friend, and embarrass me in front of him?!'
You grabbed one of your pillows and threw it at the door. You sighed, just remembering those faces laughing at you. Suddenly a cold item fell in you forehead; it was your brother jacket. You were about to fling it away, but you suddenly stopped. An idea formed in your head.

You quickly rushed to your closet, got a raggedy school shirt and a pants that your brother left yesterday. Swiftly you changed into it. In the end you put on the jacket and found a (h/c) wig you had since, the last time you cosplayed. You quickly looked at your self in the mirror. You looked exactly like your brother.

You felt a smirk rising in your mouth.

"Payback time~!"

~Le End of Memory~

You have safely manage to escape of those slight, annoying, girls squealing around you. It seems like the plan was still going as plan. You ,being as your brother, and you managing to convince all of his classmates that you were him. Who would thought your brother was so popular?

"Luckily he sick today..." you muttered between you breath.

"Whos sick?

You were busy thinking, not noticing the person standing in front of you. You slightly yelp hearing the voice.

"Whoa, whoa. Calm down, amico." the Italian boy said, laughing a bit. "It just me."

You face flushed with embarrassment and butterflies ran through your stomach. Romano Vargas was standing in front of you. His dark brown hair along with his hazel eye glimmers through the lights. His curl happily bounces on the right side of his head.

"So what is the famous you, doing here? Everyone is looking for you." he asked, putting an arm around you.

Your face blushed more while you tried to response to him. But you couldn't say anything while he was here and had an arm around you. One of his eyebrow raised as he stared at you ; which made things worst for you. The more he stared, the more you blushed and panic. Once again you mentally slap, no...punch yourself for not answering back. Romano smiled, looking through at your disguise.

"Are you okay?" he asked, slightly leaning closer, purposely.

"I'm fine." you manage to squeak.

"Yeah~!" he responded with a grin, patting your head.

~Le Time Skip~

"Aww, come on open your mouth~!" he said, pinching your cheeks.

You completely stood there shocked, scared, and embarrassed. Who would ever thought you would be ever sitting here with the beaut Romano? Still, that didn't matter right now. Now, you need to find away to embarrass your brother front of everyone. But....

"Hurry, the food is getting cold!" Romano pouted, taking a spoonful of food.

You mind went dizzy, seeing him acting like this. 'It feel like I'm in heaven~!' you thought. 'But....why is he acting like this...?' Romano continue to eat lunch, not even bothering it was your own lunch he was eating. You stared at how he was acting. Smiling, laughing, and talking.... Romano never acted this way, he was always quiet and always sounded serious around your brother. 'Is this how he really act?'

Romano noticed you were looking at him, and give you a poke in the head.

"You okay~?"

You nodded. Romano smiled grew bigger. You saw him snap his fingers,and being busy wondering about stuff, you didn't notice he was making signal to a girl in front of the room.

"Roma~!" you saw a girl coming, embracing Romano when she got closer to you to. "Thank you for yesterday~!"

'Yesterday?' your mind wonder, trying to pretend to eat your lunch.

"No problem, love. It was fun."

The girl giggle and Romano smiled. You casually tried to act like nothing was disturbing you. It wasn't helping. 'What does he mean it was fun?!'

"You can come again and have fun with me."

'Fun with me?' you stopped eating. 'Fun with me?! What the...' You glanced at Romano, he was smiling at you.

"Oh I will." he said bluntly.

A sharp stab stabbed your heart in the middle. Out of anger, you stab the fork on the tray. Holding your anger and a bit of tears, you forced yourself to smile.

"Got to go to the restroom...hahaaa..."

You quickly rushed outside. You let an annoyed groan. You were kinda different than the other girls, instead of crying, you showed your anger. But if you were one of those types of girls, you would have been balling your eyes out.

"That stupid bastard!" you yelled.

"I wouldn't like to be call like that."

Romano was suddenly in front of you, slightly frowning. You passed by him, trying your best to ignore him.


You stopped walking and quickly turn around. Romano wasn't frowning anymore, just had a sly grin. You felt a chill ran through your spine.

"I know who you are," he sighed, crossing his arms. "_______."

"Eh? W-what are you talking about?!" you said, shocked at what he was saying. "I'm (a boy name that is almost like yours)."

"Hmm, you don't say?" he replied. "Who would stab a fork on a tray when i just said, "I will." Hmm?"

You clench your fists but let it loose. He was right. You knew your brother wouldn't do that.

"Hmpf. I'm still not _______." you lied.

Romano rolled his eyes, reaching out to get the wig off you. You jumped, trying to grab the wig before he took it. Too late...
Romano was already holding the wig between both hands. You frown.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Err...Revenge...on my brother...?"

You expected to him to yell at you for doing this stupid idea, yet he didn't do that. Instead, he burst out laughing. You just stood there, confused. His laughter trail on through at the empty hallways. You can sense that a huge drop of sweat fell down your cheeks.

"What the hell?" you questioned.

Romano quickly glanced at you, eyes tearing up from laughing to much. He clench one of his arms around his stomach, he gave one huge sigh.

"You actually believed that was going to work?"


He choked out another small laugh. He rub his cheeks with yours.

"Not exactly,bella."

You glared at him, noticing he was making fun of your idea. It was the best you could do.

"Like you have a better idea!" you argue.

"I do."

He lean closer to you and gave a small peck on the lips. Your whole face went red as a tomato.

"Date his younger sister is like a somewhat revenge." he said, covering his blushed face. "He never wanted that."

You stood there, like a statue, your mind slightly trying to realize what happening. Romano took granted of you standing there, and gave a peck in your cheek too. With a smile, he placed the wig on top of your messy hair. He then lean to your ear and whisper something.

"You are kinda handsome as a boy. But...I prefer you as a girl." he said, giving a devilish grin.  "You are cute that way, bella~!"
Heh. :iconheplz:
Confusing, right?
Been lately seeing stuff about 2p!Romano, i guess Romano sounded like his 2p! here.
Since my active editor is barely on anymore,I miss chu MadKatter! ;w;, my grammar is a bad as always, I'll try to improve. 8D
This is a request from my fellow watcher :iconnaruto421kianna:
Comment and enjoy~
Picture from above is not mine. It from here -->
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) You
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