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June 3, 2012
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There is secret that nobody knows about you.
A secret that not even your parents know.
A secret that may ruin your reputation in school.
A secret that scar your life forever.
Wondering what the secret is?
The secret is that...
You are a werewolf.

When you were you younger, you heard from your grandparents there was werewolves roaming around in the wood and whoever is been bitten by them or scratch by them, they will become a werewolf in every full moon. Being the ignorant child, you went to the woods, to see if the story your grandparents told was true. While walking thru the woods, you came upon werewolves. You didn’t know what to do, so you ran for it. Running with fear, a werewolf almost captures you, but the wolf only manages to scratch you. This made everything go pitch black for you.

The next morning, you found yourself in your bedroom. You ask everyone in the house if you left the house, they just said no. It seems like everyone forgot their memories. Trying to remember what happen, you saw that there was a scar on your back. From that day you turn to a werewolf in every full moon.

Now you are [your age], and it your first day of school. Your whole life you kept the secret to yourself. Not even telling no one. You want to live like a normal person not a beast. You woke up and made yourself to school.

You had a good reputation in school. You were almost popular in school, and the 2nd smartest in school. Every boy wanted to go out with you and you had a lot of friends. But don't forget everyone has enemies. Your major enemy you had since middle school was Stephanie. You shook you head. 'Can't think of her on a day like this!' you thought as you enter the school.

"______!" you heard your best friend, Alfred exclaimed, putting one of his arm around you shoulder.

"Hey!" you replied to him.

You saw everyone in the hall turn to you two. Suddenly a group came around you.

"Did you enjoy your summer,_______?" a girl asked.

"Want to eat lunch together?" another girl said.

"Do you want to hang out after school?"  a boy exclaimed.

"Um...I don’t know." you manage to say to the crowd.
Everyone kept talking; Alfred kept his arm still over you. Looking to the sides of you, you saw a boy with messy, short blond hair reading a book.
'Never saw him before...maybe a new student around the area!' you thought as you kept looking at him.

Suddenly he looks up from his book and saw you staring at him. You flushed with embarrassment and you quickly turn away. The school bell rang and everyone went to class. You said bye to everyone and quickly went to class.

'Everyone go to the board. We having a seating chart." the teacher exclaimed as you came in.
Everyone quickly got to the board. You waited till you got seated.
"______ _____ you will be sitting next to Mister Arthur Kirkland." the teacher said as she pointed the left side of the room.
You look at where she was pointing and you blush a little. It was the boy who caught you staring at him. You quietly went to the desk next to him. The teacher started the class. Instead of paying attention you stare at Arthur.
'Why do I keep staring at him?' you thought as you look at him by the corner of your eye.
'There is something special about him'

~Le Time Skip~

Day after day, you became more interested in Arthur. Looking at him at the secretly every minute in Homeroom.

"_____, want to it go somewhere together?" Alfred exclaimed.

"Sorry, not today. I'm going somewhere afterschool." you lied to him. You were actually going to see what Arthur did. You notice he always go somewhere afterschool and you wanted to know what he was doing.

The school bell rang and you rush to the school library. While running you bump to another person.



"I'm so sorry, dear." you heard someone with a British accent said.

Looking up, you notice it was Arthur.

"Umm...uhh." you stutter.

"Are you okay?" he asked, sounded a little worried. He reaches out his hand to you.

"Y-yeah." you manage to reply as you took his hand.

"Phew! Glad to hear." he said with a relief sigh. "What are you doing in the back of the school?"

"Huh?" you said.

"Nobody come here. It rare to see someone here." he continue.

"I...I wan-...I don’t know." you stutter.

He looks at you weirdly. 'What wrong with me?' you thought.

"Hmm...Come here, love. I'm going to show you something." he said as he got your hand.

You blushed as he got your hand. 'This how it feels when to people holding hands' you thought as you look at your hands.
Arthur stops walking. You look up from the hands; and came in sight what was in front of you. You two were in a small balcony, with flowers, plants around you. The sun was about to set. You gaze with awes.

"This might clear your mind, love." he said with a small smile. "It always does for me.

You look at him. He was looking up in the sky. You join looking at the sky. Suddenly you felt weird; it felt like you can tell him everything in the world.

Without noticing, you blurted, "I'm a werewolf."

You quickly turn to him, he look at you with surprise.
Then he looks at the sky again. You suspected he will run away and tell everyone at school but he just stare at the sky. You started to laugh nervously.

"I thought you will be running to school and tell everyone I’m a terrible beast. Or you will be running away from me..." you mutter.

Arthur cupped your cheeks and replied "I won’t do that, love. Because I -"

You both heard someone move from the bushes. You got up and ran were you heard the noise. It was Stephanie.

"What are you doing here?" you exclaimed.

"Nothing, just hearing juicy gossip." she said with a smirk. She holds a tape recorder and she press play.

"I'm a werewolf." it played.

"What a juicy secret, don’t you think?" she said. "Who thought _____, the popular girl in school will be a disgusting looking beast?"
You glared at her. You couldn’t do anything to her now; just by one poke she will spill the secret.

"Say good-bye to your life in school!" she sang happily as she left.

You felt like crying. 'I wanted to live like a normal everyone knows I'm a beast.' you thought as you put your hand on your forehead. Arthur put his hand on your shoulder and whisper to you.

"Everything going to be find, because I will be always in your side."

That made you feel a little better.

~Le Time Skip~

You woke up and got yourself to school. You look yourself at the mirror and sighed. You went to school. You wanted to stay home, you didn’t want to go to school but you couldn’t. Stopping at the entrance, you thought 'Here comes the impact.'

You open the door and walk in. You saw everyone look at you and started to whisper to each other. Ignoring them, you went to the group that every day you saw in the morning.

"Hey, guys. Want to eat lunch?" you asked.

"No, we don’t!" one of them said.

"Yeah we don’t sit with a beast." another of them said.

You saw them all of them left from you and went to Stephanie. Stephanie gave you a grin. You thought for a moment, you just staring at them while thinking. Stephanie expected a glare from you but instead you gave them a smile and wave at them. They look at you with a confuse face.

You walk were Arthur was standing. Giving a small hug, you said "Let have lunch together!"

'I happy as the way I Am.' you thought as you walk with Arthur to homeroom.

Request from :icontigerlove123: Hope you like it~
But this is for everyone though! It has more than 1,300 words!This is my first time writing a story about werewolfs.My friends in school help me right this,cause i only know few thing about werewolfs. Anyways,how is it? Lately i been hearing Gumi songs,especially this one -->[link] and that how i got this idea.
Grammar is still bad,try to improve it!=3
Comment and enjoy~
Picture from above is not mine. It from here -->
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) You
Want to read other Countryxreader?
Go here~ --> [link]
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Well, at least there is a clear image to what is a friend... maybe too drastic, but it is: if i was popular, you'd hang around with me. but if i told you i secretly was... (idk, whatever) you hate, JB fan, emo or (idk what you all there hate), you'd turn away... if you wouldn't then you're a true friend :)
also, idk what's wrong with any of them (the ones above and werewolves)...
(>-> too much blabber...)

(this wouldn't happen to me, since i'm an outcast at my school tho :iconemoenglandplz: and ppl hate me...), i'm supposed to be sleeping now... :iconotlplz:
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